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Introducing the Unique Alexandrite Necklace + Earring Matching Set. This set showcases the unparalleled beauty of authentic Alexandrite gemstones,  a birthstone for June.


Meticulously fashioned into a necklace and earring set, each piece is adorned with this rare gemstone, further enhancing its allure. The 18k Vermeil gold setting adds a touch of opulence.


The Rare Alexandrite gemstone, steeped in history, holds a special place in the hearts of gemstone enthusiasts. During the 1900s, it became the most sought-after gemstone in Russia, captivating the world with its scarcity and unparalleled beauty.

This gemstone is often referred to as "nature's magic trick" due to its mesmerizing color-changing properties. When exposed to the radiant light of the sun or the flickering flames of a fire, the Alexandrite gemstone gracefully transitions from a captivating green hue to a rich and vibrant red.


Due to its rarity, the Alexandrite Necklace + Earring Matching Set is truly a treasure to behold. This exclusivity is reflected in its price, as this precious stone holds significant value in the world of gemstones.


Alexandrite Earring + Necklace set

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