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Introducing the Long Pearl Amethyst Rose Quartz Necklace, a mesmerizing piece that embraces passion and elegance. This necklace is adorned with authentic pearls, raw purple amethyst, and rose quartz gemstones, all carefully selected to create a stunning composition. Inspired by the iconic Rihanna during her pregnancy, this necklace is a true fashion statement.


Crafted with 18K Vermeil gold, these mixed gemstones not only enhance your style but also offer incredible healing properties. Experience the transformative power of Rose Quartz, a crystal renowned for its ability to symbolize unconditional love. As you wear this necklace, feel the strong vibrations of love radiating and enveloping your aura with positivity and warmth. 


The Amethyst crystal, another gemstone featured in this necklace, is known for its healing properties. It is primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, making it perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and nightmares as Amethyst works its magic, balancing your crown chakra and promoting a sense of tranquility. This protective stone also helps alleviate headaches, fatigue, and anxiety, allowing you to embrace a more harmonious life.


 Experience the transformative power of these mixed gemstones and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Long Pearl Amethyst Pink Necklace

$799.00 Regular Price
$599.25Sale Price
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